Clean Water

Hope for Haiti’s water program started in 2007 after noticing several challenges in our partner communities: access, quality and consistency. Many students in Hope for Haiti’s partner schools have to walk for hours to access clean water. Lacking access to water means many things, like poor sanitation, higher risk of illnesses, and for students, time spent away from attending school and studying for exams. Through Hope for Haiti’s Clean Water Program, the organization installs and maintains solar-powered Ultraviolet (U.V.) water purification systems and wells in community-accessible locations. Each clean water site is closely monitored and tested monthly by Hope for Haiti’s Haitian water technician. In conjunction with Hope for Haiti’s school-based Public Health Program, trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) educate over 2,400 students and their families on the importance of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. This approach ensures the development of healthy habits at the youngest age.

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  • Around the world, 443 million school days are lost each year to water-related illness.
  • In Haiti, 53% of the population lack access to water.
  • 88% of global cases of diarrhea are estimated to be a result of unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene.

A word about clean water

Father Belizaire, the Parish Head of Cherettes who oversees six of our Public Health partner schools, explained that he could see the impact of the Community Health Workers in his community. Students started washing their hands on a regular basis, after they went to the bathroom and before they ate.

Make an impact – Every dollar counts!
$1 – Covers the cost of testing a water quality
$5 – Purifies 10 gallons of water
$25 – Provides energy storage to operate a water purification system
$100 – Provides access to 200 gallons of clean drinking water for 10 families of five – enough for a whole week
Harry shows the system manager at the st. michel de charpentier primary school site the results of the water test.
harry victor

Meet Harry Victor

“After seeing the comparison test of the local source vs. the Hope for Haiti system water, one mother swore she would never put her children’s health in danger by giving them dirty water again.” Harry Victor, Hope for Haiti’s water technician.

“We’ve proudly supported Hope
for Haiti’s Clean Water
Program since the beginning. It’s
essential to the health and development
of all communities and we believe
a basic human right. We’ve seen
its success first-hand and Hope
for Haiti’s approach is
an investment well-made!”

– Jim and Judy Boyle