Hope for Haiti’s exciting partnerships promote economic sustainability. Thanks to Yunus Social Business Haiti S.A. (YSB Haiti) and the Dalio Foundation, we promote and develop social businesses in rural communities with the goal of creating long-lasting sustainability for school operations. The partnership is entitled “Pwoje Ananda,” which means “Project Joy” in Haitian Creole and Bengali. Conceived by Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, a social business is created to solve a social problem and must follow several key principles. Our partnership is now working to develop scalable social businesses for school-based communities, with the objective of creating a model that can be applied to other school partners.


56% of Haitian households live in extreme

poverty, at under $1 per day. Over

40% of Haitians are unemployed.

Together, with your hard work,

this can change!

A sustainable community through economy

The sustainable community model partners with schools to connect, heal, and empower whole families!

Make an impact – Every dollar counts!
$1 – Give someone the opportunity to open a bank account for the first time
$5 – Employ a farmer in a partner school garden for one day
$25 – Provide the capital for one woman’s small business loan
$100 – Fund the production of 85 necklaces in the upcycled jewelry workshop, providing jobs to 5 women

Meet Macline

Macline is the head jewelry artisan: “I receive a small salary from my work as a teacher, but I’ve always had to try and sell products out of my home. The program has helped me pay for food, lodging, and my children’s school tuition.”

Macline is the only breadwinner in her household, which includes her two children – ages three and thirteen – as well as her two younger sisters, two younger brothers, and grandmother. “My family used to live with my mom, but she didn’t have enough to support them. I would like to tell the supporters of Hope for Haiti thank you. I pray for you, and I pray your families are blessed. This business has been a great service to me and my community.”

“We are excited to be working with
Hope for Haiti and Professor Yunus to build
sustainable social businesses within Hope
for Haiti’s supported communities. Investing
in social enterprises means investing in
businesses that have social impact so the
money that is put into them keeps
socially beneficial results
without requiring 
continual support.”

-- Ray and Barbara Dalio
Dalio Foundation