Remembering the Haiti Earthquake: 11 Years Later

Dear Hope for Haiti Family: January 12th is an emotional day for Haitians and those connected to Haiti’s history and culture. Reflecting on the 11th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, we want to thank you for being part of our organization. Whether you’ve donated funds, followed us on social media, or subscribed to this eNewsletter, YOU […]

Walk in Solidarity This Saturday For World Diabetes Day!

Dear Hope for Haiti Family,  Join us in action this Saturday for World Diabetes Day, a global advocacy day dedicated to promoting diabetes prevention and treatment. This year’s theme, Nurses Make The Difference, honors the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.  Over 463 million adults around the world live with diabetes, 75% of whom […]

Trust, Transparency, and Accountability in Haiti

How Much Money Has Been Donated To Haiti

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, We believe that strong systems for transparency and accountability for all mission based organizations working in Haiti are two of the most important requirements for achieving programmatic goals. As Hope for Haiti celebrates 30 years of making an impact, we are proud of our organization’s track record of maintaining a strong […]

Heroes of Hope: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Education in Haiti

At Hope for Haiti, we believe healthcare is a human right. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are proud to highlight the work of two of our Public Health Nurses, Miss Claudine and Miss Evanie. The video above from A Plus Media reiterates how important access to healthcare is for Haiti’s most vulnerable, especially women and […]

In Solidarity With The Haitian People

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, Since February 7th, nationwide protests in Haïti against government corruption and the rising cost of living have brought nearly all normal activity in the country to a hault. Schools have been closed, hospitals and healthcare clinics have been shut down or operating at minimum capacity, and basic human needs such […]

What Can We Accomplish Together?

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, THANK YOU for an inspiring and impactful 2018! As we celebrate Hope for Haiti’s 30th Anniversary of working in Haiti, it has never been more clear that COLLABORATION has been a key driver of our success in alleviating poverty in Haiti. Our entire organization thrives because of our lasting partnerships with rural communities, […]

What We Are Thankful For

On the inauguration day of their new school, the students of Marre à Coiffe met us at the bottom of the mountain. As we hiked together for the next two and a half hours up a steep and narrow footpath, it was clear that the journey with us to the top of the mountain was their way […]

The Five Things We Learned About Health And Hygiene in Haiti

The Five Things We Learned About Health and Hygiene in Haiti

Two Haitian Nurses Share the Five Things They’ve Learned About Health & Hygiene on Global Handwashing Day In celebration of Global Handwashing Day, we asked two Hope for Haiti Public Health Nurses to share the things they’ve learned while administering public health programs in southern Haiti.  Dear Friends of Hope for Haiti: We write to […]

Join Us In Celebrating 30 Years of Impact in Haiti!

30th picture

Join Hope for Haiti as we Celebrate 30 Years of Impact “If it was easy, anyone could do it.” These are the words Hope for Haiti’s founder, JoAnne Kuehner, uses to guide us when we are confronted with the diverse and nuanced challenges of implementing poverty alleviation programs in Haiti. Over the course of the […]

Help Girls Like Jeunise Beat the Odds in Haiti!

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  Spotlight on Education: Jeunise Guillaume Jeunise Guillaume continues to defy enormous odds in Haiti, where the enrollment rate for primary school is 57%, and fewer than 30% of those students ever reach the sixth grade (UNICEF). According to the World Bank, more than 200,000 Haitian children are not in school as a result of […]