Celebrating Mothers this Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate the power of women – both on the Hope for Haiti staff and in the communities we serve in Haiti. Read on to hear a story from Clenat Lynda, a French Teacher from the community of Boisrond, and to see some of the mothers on our staff in Haiti: 
Clenat Lynda

I moved back to the community of Boisrond in 2011 because I wanted to make a positive difference in the place where I was born. It was always my dream to become a teacher, and I feel blessed that my dream came true! We’ve had many challenges in Boisrond, but with the support and partnership of Hope for Haiti, we’ve working together to overcome difficult circumstances. For example, during Hurricane Matthew, the roof of my home and my garden were destroyed, and we lost all of our animals.

Since the storm, Hope for Haiti has partnered with our community leaders to support teachers’ salaries, improve access to clean water, and repair school buildings damaged by the hurricane. After the hurricane, I taught in the open and in a damaged building, and the conditions were very difficult. However, Hope for Haiti funded the construction of a new school, where all of the children of Boisrond will have a safe place to learn, including my daughter Mineshy, who also attends the school. Thanks to Hope for Haiti, I believe that Mineshy has a chance to reach for her dreams. I want her to go to University and become a doctor to help people in Haiti.

– Clenat Lynda

Did you know that Hope for Haiti’s staff is over 50% female, including three out of five doctors on our staff? Many are also mothers, and today we thank them for their dedication to the Hope for Haiti mission and to their families.  Earlier this week, we asked some of the mothers at our Infirmary St. Etienne to get together for pictures so they could be recognized. We wish them all a very happy Mother’s Day!ISE Mothers Day