The Digicel Haiti Foundation announced today a $60,000 matching grant to support sending students back to school and school construction in Haiti through Hope for Haiti’s Back-to-School Campaign

Sophia Stransky, CEO of the Digicel Haiti Foundation, said “The Digicel Haiti Foundation is convinced that it is increasingly critical that institutions invest alongside schools in order to guarantee a stronger future generation of citizens. Hope for Haiti is one of those organizations contributing to the country’s sustainable development, especially in the education sector. Thus, the Digicel Haiti Foundation is delighted to partner with Hope for Haiti and commits to a matching grant of up to $60,000.”

Schools in Haiti began a staggered relaunch in August to make up for time lost during the 2019-2020 school year from political unrest and COVID-19. “Ensuring the safety and health of the students and teachers at our partner schools is of utmost importance as classes begin,” said Skyler Badenoch, Hope for Haiti CEO. “This matching grant from the Digicel Haiti Foundation empowers every donor to the Back-to-School Campaign to double their impact in the lives of over 7,200 students.” 

The campaign is also supported by Caribbean Media Group, Maison Henri Deschamps, SMO’s DÖ, Sarodj Bertin, and Tasha Promo. To learn more or make a contribution, please click the button below.