30 years after its inception, Hope for Haiti continues to generate long-term success from the foundation on which it was built. It took only one visit for the children of Haiti to capture the heart and soul of a humanitarian and philanthropist named JoAnne M. Kuehner.

Wanting to make a difference by focusing on access to education in Haiti, she put her trust and support into Haitians who were already striving for success.

Some of the stories of the people and communities that benefit from Hope for Haiti’s long-term partnership are featured in JoAnne’s memoirs, “Oh, for the Love of Haiti!”  

We invite you to learn about Hope for Haiti’s humble beginnings and how an investment in our team and our work is alleviating generational poverty!

“In this book, I tell you of my experiences in Haiti over the past thirty years. Some of my stories are humorous, many are sad. However, all are true. I will also introduce you to a number of interesting individuals that I met along the way. Unfortunately, I did not keep written notes of all of my encounters, so there may be some factual errors, for which I apologize in advance. I should also inform you as to what this book is not. It is not: 1) presented in chronological order; 2) a detailed history of the organization – H.E.A.R.T.; 3) an attempt to tell the story of the evolution of Hope for Haiti, Inc.; or 4) anything, but my personal experiences and opinions. I hope that you enjoy my tales!” -JoAnne M. Kuehner

Oh, For The Love of Haiti! JoAnne M. Kuehner

The book is available on AmazonSmile. All proceeds benefit Hope for Haiti.