From the Field: An Update on School Gardens

Below is an update from Jean-Michel Duquais, our Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator – Agriculture: 
The School Garden program has had a large impact on the communities of Tete Source and Ravine Sable, largely because Hope for Haiti has been the only organization present in these communities for more than seven years. We provide fresh vegetables to support the lunch program in our schools, and the students who attend the schools can learn about agriculture. This is very important for the communities because the students are learning to respect and protect their environment — it’s the only place we have to live! Through our program, the people who live in Tete Source and Ravine Sable also learn our techniques and best practices on how to work in the school gardens, which is knowledge they can take home to their own. 

Two Farmers Hold Seedlings in the School Garden

This May 1, we celebrate Agriculture and Labor Day to remind people of the importance of agriculture in our country, and talk about everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the development of their community. The school garden program is just one way Hope for Haiti is working to make a difference in our communities.

School Garden Planting

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