Hope for Haiti Featured on Charity Navigator Blog

Click here to read our full blog post on the four things we’ve learned about virtual fundraising events! Excerpt below:

At Hope for Haiti, we’ve had experience with natural disasters, political/civil unrest, and many other challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, those experiences gave us a unique advantage to quickly form an effective programmatic response to the crisis and best prepare our staff for what was to come. The pandemic presented one challenge, however, that we – and the nonprofit industry at-large – had not yet faced at such a grand scale: a crisis that affects the health and economy of both program beneficiaries and donor bases at the same time. With in-person fundraising events no longer an option, our team was tasked with finding novel ways to connect donors to our mission – without donors having to leave their homes.  We try hard to learn from our experiences, build those learnings into our organizational strategy and daily work, and share best practices with others so we can all be better.