Hope for Haiti’s Jean Ronald Jocelyn Featured in Greenwich Magazine

Greenwich Magazine’s article “How to Cope with COVID-19” featured a letter from Hope For Haitis’ Education Program Manager Jean Ronald Jocelyn on what people can learn from Haitians’ resilience.

“In Haiti, we have a saying that goes: “As long as we are not beheaded, we still hope to wear hats.” This is HOPE, and it is deeply rooted in our soul. That’s why if you ask even a dying Haitian how he/she is doing, if they can still talk, there is a chance they would respond: “I am hanging in, or I am not bad.” For us Haitians, hope and life go hand in hand, or better yet hope is life. When hope vanishes, so does life. We are a nation of hope, and that’s what keeps us alive, that’s what makes us so resilient in the face of hardships and adversities.”