#InternInsights: My Summer Internship with Hope for Haiti

Katie Colman was a high school intern this summer at Hope for Haiti’s Naples, FL office through Collier County Public Schools Internship Program. She worked with the Development team and in the warehouse helping with Gift-in-Kind. During her internship, she was regularly featured on our Instagram and Facebook stories through her #InternInsights videos. Below, read a short blog from Katie about her time here. 
I started my summer internship at Hope for Haiti knowing nothing about the organization, but quickly I realized how much the team in Naples, FL does for the people of Haiti. Several times throughout the summer, when I was working in the warehouse, I would hear first-time donors say, “Wow, this is it?” It’s hard to believe that this small little warehouse is constantly receiving donations and shipping out pallets, but being a part of the process has been enlightening.

I know I have been blessed to be born into a family and community that has provided so much for me, and I know others have not had the same opportunity and struggle everyday. It brings me joy to know that my work with Hope for Haiti may provide them with support. In my internship, I have seen firsthand how even the smallest donation can make such a large impact. To be part of an organization that runs so efficiently has taught me a lot that will help in my future endeavors. I’m grateful to have met such a caring and professional group of people during my time with Hope for Haiti.