Jaguars Defensive Tackle Marcell Dareus Makes Humanitarian Trip To Haiti

June 27, 2018 | Forbes
Off the field, Dareus is making a difference, too. During his team’s break before training camp he traveled to Haiti, the country where his father was born and lived until his early adulthood. Dareus’ dad, Jules, died from prostate cancer when Dareus was a young boy. His mother, Michelle Luckey, raised him in Birmingham, AL with the help of his grandmother. Dareus’ mom would die of heart failure in 2010. On her death bed, she told her son she wanted him to visit Haiti. Dareus promised his mother he would go there.

This is the second time the two-time Pro Bowler has gone to his father’s homeland. After his first visit he was so touched by the children he met that he knew he would return. He also committed financially to helping them. During his first visit he donated $25,000 and on his most recent trip he gave money again to support children in Haiti. Though his partnership with Hope for Haiti, a charity based in the United States, and a $125,000 donation through his Dareus Foundation he will help to fund a three classroom building for primary school children. Currently they attend daily classes in the small town’s church. In addition to funding the physical building, Dareus’ efforts will help pay for teachers’ salaries and school supplies.

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