June Spotlight: Healthcare is a Human Right

At Hope for Haiti, we believe healthcare is a human right. Driven by this belief, we run an Infirmary that provides access to health and dental care for 15,000 patients every year, we hire and train local Community Health Workers who provide health education and treatment for children, parents and grandparents, and we run mobile clinics in rural communities throughout southern Haiti. For many patients, a Hope for Haiti Mobile Clinic is their only way to access medical care, either due to the difficulty in traveling to a government hospital in a major city, or more often, due to the insurmountable costs of seeing a doctor. Mrs. Soinette Gurville, a new patient at the Mobile Clinic in St. Michel on June 8, concurs: “I’m so thankful for this mobile clinic because I feel much too sick to travel to the government hospital in Aquin.” 

Mrs. Soinette Gurville being examined at a Hope for Haiti Mobile Clinic on 6/8/18

Patients are also sometimes greeted with happy news when attending a Mobile Clinic – Mrs. Paula Ketna came to the June 8 Mobile Clinic because her daughter was sick with a cough and fever. While there, she was able to have a check-up of her own, which revealed that her lack of energy and nausea was due to a new baby on the way. After being prescribed prenatal vitamins, she expressed her gratitude to the staff: “Thank you, thank you so much for coming to serve our community today.”

Take a moment to reflect on when you last visited a doctor. Most of us visit a doctor at least once a year. Could you consider donating the cost of your copay to give someone in rural Haiti the opportunity to visit a doctor for the very first time?

With a donation of just $100, we will feature your name on a plaque as a sponsor of the next Mobile Clinic and will send you a picture of the clinic in action. Donate now!