March Spotlight: Dental Program

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In the United States, there are 61 dentists working in dentistry per 100,000 people (ADA). This is a stark contrast from Haiti, where roughly 300 dentists serve the entire country of just over 10 million people (HVO).  This week, we are raising $5,000 to purchase and ship a new dental compressor to support our work. 

Hope for Haiti’s Dental Program was started in 2011 to provide access to dental care for Haitians seeking preventative and corrective dental treatment. In the beginning, the team relied on mobile clinic outreach and primarily performed tooth extractions, often as a last resort for pain alleviation and improved quality of life. Now operating out of Hope for Haiti’s Infirmary St. Etienne, staff dentist Dr. Esperance is able to offer a holistic approach to family dental care. She’s able to provide more patient education on dental hygiene and nutrition, and can perform regular cleanings and fillings during patient check-ups.

Over the years, entire families have benefited from this program. One day, a mother came into the Infirmary with her crying two-year-old son. She explained that her son fell while she was at work and his gums were bleeding. Dr. Esperance, after examining the boy, explained to the mother that her son was suffering from gingivitis, which was the cause of his bleeding gums – not a fall. Dr. Esperance then gave the boy’s mother an oral hygiene lesson, and showed her how to brush and floss her son’s teeth. When they came back later for a follow-up appointment, the mother was smiling and told Dr. Esperance that her son was no longer crying and his gums had stopped bleeding. Thanks to Dr. Esperance, she now knew that no matter how small a child is, their teeth need to be brushed twice a day.

With your assistance, we can expand the Dental Program to help more families like the one above. This week we are raising $5,000 for a new dental compressor, which would assist Dr. Esperance in dental cleanings, and allow her to see more patients.

Update: Thank you Gulf Coast International Properties for sponsoring the purchase of our new dental compressor!

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Hope for Haiti Conducts First “Hope Summit”

Last week, Hope for Haiti staff members convened in Les Cayes, Haiti for strategic planning, budgeting, and community service.


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Thank You, Causely!

Hope for Haiti was chosen as Causely’s featured non-profit for the month of February. Throughout the month, each visitor to participating businesses who checked-in on Facebook helped to provide students at our partner schools with a full day of education. To learn more about how Causely works, click here.