Each year as summer fades into fall, students and teachers prepare to return to the classroom. Through Hope for Haiti’s Back-to-School Fund, supported by the proceeds of the annual Hike for Haiti Challenge, students are empowered to succeed with all the supplies they’ll need for a year of academic achievement.  Because the 2019-2020 school year faced significant disruptions from political unrest and COVID-19, schools in Haiti began a staggered relaunch on Monday to make up for lost instruction time. 

Ensuring the safety and health of the students and teachers is of utmost importance as the school relaunch begins. This requires the purchasing of materials that were not budgeted for in our Back-to-School Fund, such as masks for students and teachers, enough school supplies for each student to have his or her own set (no sharing), and the construction of additional desks to comply with social distancing requirements. 

Your gift today to this special appeal will make a direct impact in keeping students and teachers healthy:

Through your support, students in Haiti can safely learn, rise, and thrive. Stay tuned to future editions of this newsletter for stories and pictures from these first weeks back in the classroom!

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