September E-Gram: Spotlight on Our Education Program

Nathalia Bazelais

On September 4th, Nathalia Bazelais started the sixth grade at Tête Source, the school she’s attended since she was three years-old and part of Hope for Haiti’s Education Program. Although she may be young, she believes education is the key to success and couldn’t wait to begin the school year. Nathalia lives in Tête Source with her parents, who work at the school. Her mother, Ms. Suzemène Soifète, is a Hope for Haiti Community Health Worker, and her father, Mr. Evoix Bazelais, is a farmer who works in the school garden. Outside of school, Nathalia likes to play and jump rope. Inspired by her mother, Nathalia dreams of becoming a nurse and working in a hospital.

Through the “Jump Back to School” Campaign, over 6,000 students like Nathalia are returning to school with the supplies they need to start the year on the right foot, and it’s not too late to jump in! Just $5 supports one student. Help a child realize their full potential today by clicking here!


Hurricane Updates: Irma and Maria
Last week, we sent out an email about the damage our Naples office sustained from Hurricane Irma. Thank you to all who responded with offers of help. In spite of these challenges, our team remains committed to our mission and services. We are pleased to report that our office will soon be restoring normal operating hours. Thank you for your continued understanding and your tremendous support! Our thoughts are with those in our community who were not as fortunate. We are monitoring the progress of Hurricane Maria and will send a later update if our offices in Haiti or Naples will be impacted.