Our longest-running program, Hope for Haiti considers education to be the keystone to sustainable development. By supporting, strengthening, and expanding the resources of existing schools, we are providing children with the tools they need to create their own future.


35% of Haitian youth are unable
to read and the average
child spends less than four
years in school. Together, we
can change this reality!

Creating Sustainable change through education

More than 80% of students at the schools we support have successfully completed their school year, and the attendance rate was 95%. This is especially telling since less than 30% of the students who participated in the national exam this year in Haiti passed.

Knowing this statistic makes Hope for Haiti proud to report that our partner schools in the sustainable community model had passing rates of 85% and 93%.

Make an impact – Every dollar counts!
$1 – 1 day of teaching for 30 students
$5 – Back-to-school materials for 1 student
$25 – Public Health Education for 1 student
$100 – Support a student like Jolita


Jolita is a 16 year old student in one of our remote primary school partners. Though Jolita is still a child, she understands the importance of school. She noted, “I like school because it prepares me for the future.”Looking towards the future, she hopes to study medicine, “I want to be a nurse when I grow up; I love it.”

Read Jolita’s story

Meet Anièce

24 year old Anièce cares for her younger siblings. Anièce and her three siblings lost their father many years ago, and their mother sells rice and oil in the market. On school report card day, Anièce discovered all three of her siblings passed! “I am happy, but I worked hard for this! Every day after school I would sit and tutor them. I study with them, give them a bath, eat dinner, and then study again.” Thanks to Hope for Haiti’s support, the school has safe structures for children to learn in as well as nutrition and economic programming for community members like Anièce.

Meet Marie Francelene

Through her involvement in her local Church choir, Marie met long-time Hope for Haiti program partner Fr. Max Mathieu – who helped her continue through secondary school despite financial hurdles.  “I finished high school and passed my state exam, allowing me to continue to higher education,” says Marie proudly. Hope for Haiti provided Marie with a scholarship to attend nursing school in Les Cayes. “I dream of healing accident victims, especially doing their sutures, and I always stop and try to help when there is an accident in my community.” Through nursing, Marie hopes to have a better life for herself by studying and working hard. For the future of her country, Marie hopes that the country changes so there is more opportunity for ambitious young people. “Haiti doesn’t have what it needs for the people living here, but it is very beautiful.” Hope for Haiti helps people who don’t have the means to help themselves, especially for children going to school.” Marie has every confidence that she’ll become a great nurse who can invest back into her community by providing quality healthcare.

We are pleased to see that
you are actively monitoring the
effectiveness of your Education
Program and that you are
carefully evaluating your support
to focus on the schools that are
making the greatest impact and
need the most assistance.

Helene O’Neil Shere, President of the
W. O’Neil Foundation