An organization is only as exceptional as its people. That’s why as one of the leading international organizations focused solely in Haiti, we’re so proud of our team. We are a diverse and talented network of people committed to improving the quality of life of the Haitian people, particularly children.

Fritza Amazan
Office Assistant

Wilguer Andre

Skyler Badenoch
Chief Executive Officer

Christina Baptiste
Economy Program Manager

Ronald Bathelemy

Andre Brunache
Gift-in-Kind Program Manager

Sherry Bryant
Executive Assistant

Jessica Ciccarello
Director of Employee Experience and Administration

Merline Marie Daphney Sydney
Gift-in-Kind Healthcare Assistant

Jean Herns Dede
Systems Manager

Jean Bernard Delord

Dr. Murline Denis
Infirmary St. Etienne Doctor

Luce Destine
Infirmary St. Etienne Facilities Assistant

Sandina Yasmide Dorvillier
Infirmary St. Etienne Nurse

Dr. Bernadette Esperance Dupervil
Infirmary St. Etienne Dentist

Jean-Michel Duquais
Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator - Agriculture

Yvette Ebb
Director of Grants Management

Felix Fernande
Infirmary St. Etienne Nurse

Fleurima Florencia
Infirmary St. Etienne Nurse

Pierre Francianne
Facilities Assistant

Claudine Francois
Public Health Nurse

Willys Geffrard
Country Director

Cathy Grassi
Gift-in-Kind Director

Rony Guiny

Taylor Hebble
Donor Experience Coordinator

Jean Wilson Hyppolite
Gift-in-Kind Program Assistant

Max Warens Jeanty
ISE Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Jepsen
Chief of Donor Experience

Jean Ronald Jocelyn
Education Program Manager

Charlot Jonel

Jean Gardy Joseph

Pierre Judain Joseph
Mechanic and Driver

Odonel Joseph Laborde

Wilfrine Lestin
Infirmary St. Etienne Laboratory Technician

Stanley Liste
Infrastructure Program Coordinator

Raymond Lucien
Head Mechanic and Driver

Fabienne Laudin
Facilities Assistant

Ricardo P. Lutgens

Pierry Yves Marcel
EMR Data Officer

Marie Marthe Lindor
Infirmary St. Etienne Records

Dorziere Miriele
Infirmary St. Etienne Nurse

Mones Nazaire
ISE Administrative Assistant

Meg Orazio
Chief Impact Officer

Monica Perez
Director of Finance

Sarah Porter
Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Jude Jean Pierre
Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator - Education

Dr. Gabriel Robenson
Infirmary St. Etienne Doctor

Schiller Rosarion
Sustainable Communities Program Coordinator - Morency

Lamarre Yves Sandy
Infirmary St. Etienne Nurse

Marc Savoir

In Loving Memory of Sofi Kuehner Stewart

Evanie St. Paul
Infirmary St. Etienne and Public Health Nurse

Clerge Velant
Infirmary St. Etienne Groundskeeper

Dr. Steeve Victor
Community Health Program Manager

Promise Youance
Facilities Assistant

Eril Zamy