Today, the majority of Haitian children lack access to quality education. Schools in Haiti face challenges in funding, teacher training, and student achievement. These challenges make it exponentially more difficult for generations of Haitian children to break out of the cycle of poverty and achieve economic and social progress.


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To address these challenges, Hope for Haiti works in collaboration with 24 partner communities to support education in Haiti and help alleviate poverty through the following activities:

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Teacher Salary Subsidies

Hope for Haiti provides teacher salary subsidies to 424 school directors and teachers in 24 partner communities.

Haitian Education Statistics | Hope For Haiti

Teacher Training

Hope for Haiti provides continuous professional development and training for school directors and teachers that addresses school governance, pedagogical practices, and subject area skills.

Haitian Education Statistics | Hope For Haiti

Back to School Supplies

Hope for Haiti provides direct support to 24 partner communities to purchase school supplies, teaching materials, repair school structures and build benches for their classrooms before the start of each school year.

Haitian Education Statistics | Hope For Haiti

Public Health Education for Students

Hope for Haiti’s public health team administers health lessons for 7,249 students to help control and prevent communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Haitian Education Statistics | Hope For Haiti

School Gardens and Nutrition

Hope for Haiti supports interactive school gardens to teach students about improved agricultural techniques, reforestation, and nutrition. Fruit and vegetables grown at each garden go to support school lunch programs and improve education in Haiti.

Haitian Education Statistics | Hope For Haiti

JoAnne and Carl Kuehner Scholarship Fund

Each year, Hope for Haiti provides ten, $1,000 scholarships to help high school graduates attend college.

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    Provides 1 month of teaching for 30 students.

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    Provides 3 days of pedagogical training for 1 teacher.

  • $250

    Provides 1 Public health lesson for 300 students.

  • $500

    Provides cultivation of 100 fruit bearing trees at a school garden.

  • $1000

    Provides support for a student in Haiti to attend College.

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