Hope for Haiti Events

Get involved and help support Haiti by participating in a Hope for Haiti event. Scroll down to see what’s coming up! 

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all upcoming events will be held virtually until further notice.

Highlights from Hope for Haiti’s Harvesting Hope Celebration in 2019

Upcoming Events

hike for haiti (4/1/21 - 5/2/21)

In the rural community of Marre à Coiffe, Haiti, students and families climb the equivalent of 200 flights of stairs from the bottom of a mountain in order to access clean water, healthcare, and an education. We challenge YOU to virtually hike Marre à Coiffe in solidarity. Started in 2019, the Hike for Haiti provides an opportunity for the global Hope for Haiti community to come together to support education and public health. 

Webinar: Pediatric dentistry

Join us for this informative clinical training presented by Dr. Stacy Zarakiotis. Brought to you by The Haiti Education Network (HEN) and supported by The Haiti Health Network, Hope for Haiti, and Nova Hope Haiti.

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