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Hope for Haiti is a Naples, FL-based charitable organization operating in Port-au-Prince and out of Les Cayes in the south of Haiti. Serving in the remotest areas, Hope for Haiti’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, nutrition, and healthcare. For over 20 years, the organization has been working in partnership with the Haitian people, to connect, heal, and empower communities on the path toward sustainability.

This is My Haiti

Darlande Telusma is a mother of two children. Her elder child, Cherely, is a seven-year-old first grader at a rural primary school supported by Hope for Haiti. Her younger child is only two years old and will begin kindergarten next year. Darlande often volunteers in the kindergarten program as a support aide, since she lives close by and lacks stable work in the formal sector. “I sell drinks and chewing gum near the school, but what I hope for my children is that they have steady work and have a way to support themselves.” 

Darlande gave birth in the local public healthcare facility about 30 minutes away by car.  However, healthcare is the biggest need for her community. “If a child has a fever, you run with him to town. But during that time, the fever can get worse… he can even die.” Hope for Haiti’s Public Health Program trains and equips two local Community Health Workers, who provide education and basic first aid in the school. Still, if there is an emergency or an accident, a patient must travel over one hour by car to the nearest hospital.

To learn more about Darlande Telusma, click here.

Justin Bieber in Haiti

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...and the helping hands of our family of volunteers and dedicated staff, Hope for Haiti is helping to improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Haitian children and their families. Our unique approach of helping the poorest of the poor in Haiti is both efficient and effective. We encourage you to look at our “Programs” section to see how over 95% of donations we raise directly reach the people who need it most. Since the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, Hope for Haiti has been at the forefront of the emergency response and is committed to the country’s recovery. We thank you for your interest and support in helping us along this challenging road and for spreading HOPE to the men, women, and children of Haiti.

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