Digital Innovation

At Hope for Haiti we aim to be on the forefront of innovation; piloting new ways to raise awareness for our mission of poverty alleviation and galvanizing support so our team in Haiti can do the critical work. Here are some of the innovative ways Hope for Haiti is creating avenues in the digital world to make an impact in the real world.


Travel to Haiti in Virtual Reality (VR)!

We always ask the question – if we can’t bring everyone to Haiti, is there a way to bring Haiti to everyone?

Organizations that work internationally cannot take all their donors abroad with them and into the field. There is a need to build creative and experiential ways for people to experience a nonprofit’s work without necessarily traveling there or visiting the physical location. Additionally, VR has also been scientifically proven to increase empathy.

Our team collaborated with the VR studio FXG to create an immersive and experiential VR app, optimized for the Oculus Quest. When you put on your headset, you are transported to a virtual environment, modeled off one of our partner schools in rural Haiti. There you can explore a three room schoolhouse, write on the chalkboard, raise and lower the Haitian flag, pump one of our water wells, and tour the landscape – all in VR.

The space is designed to not only provide an engaging and hands-on experience, but also to give users an alternative (and more positive) perception of Haiti. There is a dedicated classroom that contains multimedia elements to highlight our work in Haiti through video, photos, audio, and engaging vignettes.

The app is available for free public download on Sidequest. If your company is interested in a virtual “lunch and learn” or a private tour of the virtual world, contact

NFTs for Impact

Hope for Haiti’s NFT collection Hope Endures brings Haiti’s past and future together through the minting of original art from six Haitian artists into NFTs, for an exclusive collection of 900 unique pieces. Proceeds from Hope Endures will support the artists and rebuilding schools in Haiti. NFTs are currently available for purchase here. 
Artists include: Pierre Jean-Baptiste, Stephane Desir, Louis Mario Barbier, Iris Genevieve Lahens, Steven Baboun, and the all-female NFT collective Since Eve.
Proceeds from Hope Endures will support the rebuilding of two schools in southern Haiti that were severely damaged by last year’s devastating earthquake. All six Haitian artists will also receive a portion of the proceeds from the initial sale as well as future royalties.

How to set up a Phantom wallet to purchase an NFT

If you run into any issues with creating a wallet and transferring funds, please email

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Join us on December 9th in Los Angeles for a special event celebrating our 'Hope Endures' NFT collection! To RSVP or for sponsorship opportunities, please email