Staff Stories: Managing Operations in a Hostile Environment Conference

On August 21, Hope for Haiti’s Operations Manager, Herns, and Driver, Rony, attended an event on “Managing Operations in a Hostile Environment” hosted by USAID and Papyrus. Below, Herns and Rony discuss what they learned during the conference and how it relates to Hope for Haiti’s operating procedures in Haiti. We live in a country […]

Behind the Scenes: A Hope for Haiti Medical Trip

Written by Dr. Philip Regala, Hope for Haiti Board Member             On July 21st, our medical team of six arrived in Port Au Prince at 1 in the afternoon.  After clearing customs we were met by the Hope for Haiti staff, put in their vehicles and began our 4 ½ hour drive to Les Cayes.  […]

Three Things We’ve Learned by Helping Thousands of Families Access Clean Drinking Water in Haiti

Through our blog, we’re bringing you stories from the field that amplify the voices of our Haitian staff members and highlight the work they’re able accomplish on the ground with your support. Below are the reflections of Stanley Liste, our Infrastructure Program Coordinator. Dear Friends of Hope for Haiti:  Through Hope for Haiti’s Infrastructure Program, I distribute Sawyer Water Water […]

Six Questions for Roxane Gay on the International Day of Families

The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting them. It has inspired a series of awareness-raising events, including national family days. In many countries, this day is an opportunity to highlight different areas of interest […]

Trust, Transparency, and Accountability in Haiti

How Much Money Has Been Donated To Haiti

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, We believe that strong systems for transparency and accountability for all mission based organizations working in Haiti are two of the most important requirements for achieving programmatic goals. As Hope for Haiti celebrates 30 years of making an impact, we are proud of our organization’s track record of maintaining a strong […]

In Solidarity With The Haitian People

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, Since February 7th, nationwide protests in Haïti against government corruption and the rising cost of living have brought nearly all normal activity in the country to a hault. Schools have been closed, hospitals and healthcare clinics have been shut down or operating at minimum capacity, and basic human needs such […]

Top 3 Things I’ve Learned Working at a Non-Profit

Top 3 Things I’ve Learned Working at a Non-Profit

Monica Perez is Hope for Haiti’s Director of Finance. Below, she shares the top three things she’s learned since joining our team – and the non-profit sector –  in 2015. 1. Mind shift from profits to financial stability – Coming from public accounting, I focused a lot on P&L statements, looking at profits and how […]

What Can We Accomplish Together?

Dear Hope for Haiti Family, THANK YOU for an inspiring and impactful 2018! As we celebrate Hope for Haiti’s 30th Anniversary of working in Haiti, it has never been more clear that COLLABORATION has been a key driver of our success in alleviating poverty in Haiti. Our entire organization thrives because of our lasting partnerships with rural communities, […]