A teacher is happy to receive his certificate of completion! 

The Importance of Teacher Trainings in Haiti

Arianne Pingledis, Program Manager – July 15, 2013 The 2013 Hope for Haiti Summer Institute, a training unlike any we’ve offered before, was an intensive three-day seminar led by two teachers from the U.S. who graciously volunteered their time and resources.  Teacher trainings in Haiti often focus on subjects such as French, Math, and Science, but we wanted to offer something a bit different.  Instead, this training focused on topics such as: Differentiated Instruction, Reading and Writing Fluency, Classroom Management, and Problem Solving. A teacher is happy to receive his certificate of completion! A teacher reviews the concepts with his … Read More

Operations director stanley liste manages all construction projects 

Building a Better Infirmary

Jennifer Lang, Program Director – June 27, 2013 This past month, we’ve been able to provide major upgrades to our primary healthcare facility, the Infirmary Saint Etienne, here in Les Cayes, Haiti. Installation of air conditioning and solar power should create a more positive environment for patients and staff and help us serve as an energy model throughout Haiti and the world. Operations Director Stanley Liste manages all construction projects Kids like Milly Henri make all the hard work worth it. Our Infirmary is staffed by 18 Haitian medical professionals and administrators, who work every day to provide laboratory, dental, … Read More

Arianne pingledis, program manager, & school director 

Trekking to Community Members, Discovering Hearty Landscapes, Sustaining Partnerships & Hope

By Dr. Sabine Thomas, Country Director, June 19, 2013 I have been equally anxious and excited to accompany our dedicated staff on community site visits, primarily to remote school sites and the heart of Hope for Haiti’s programs. During my last two visits, I worked with our Education and Public Health staff.  We walked and hiked through pristine serpentine-like, steep pathways naturally created between bedrocks. One visit involved crossing 16 times the same riverbed lined with slippery rocks! I simultaneously sweated, huffed and puffed, almost got dumped into the river by passing donkeys’ loads, laughed hard and endured the pricks … Read More

Parent, makiline, in front of her house, uses straw to make saddles for a living. . 

The Parents of a Remote Community

Paula Prince, Deputy Country Director – June 7th, 2013 In English the community name means “ravine of sand.” This village in the South of Haiti is logically named after its most prominent landmark, an expansive ravine of sand and rocks that winds through the community. Resources are scarce. People here make a living off of subsistence farming, weaving straw to make bags and saddles, cultivating tobacco, and cutting down trees to produce charcoal. Parent, Makiline, in front of her house, uses straw to make saddles for a living. . Hope for Haiti staff member, Paula Prince, with students. Students line … Read More

Harry victor, water technician. 

A Day in the Life of Water Technician Harry Victor

From the Field – May 15, 2013 This week, the Hope for Haiti staff would like to give a shout out to our Clean Water Technician, Harry Victor, for all the wonderful work he has been doing to ensure the success of our Clean Water Program. Each month, Harry has been conducting water site visits at all 13 clean water program sites. He checks the batteries and filters and fixes any problems he sees at the time. He also tests the water to ensure the systems’ functionality and shows the results to each system manager so that they can see … Read More

Happy to be learning! 

Notes from a School Visit, April 2013

By Arianne Pingledis, Program Manager Hurricane season may be behind us, but rain has been falling steadily in Les Cayes this week.  It’s not enough to cause serious flooding, perhaps, but it is enough to disrupt schools that lack proper classrooms – something I saw firsthand while visiting one of our education partners a few months ago.  Just a few days of rain had left the classrooms, which are temporary, outdoor structures, muddy and flooded. With the destruction of the school during the 2010 earthquake, classes have taken place in these structures for the past three years.  The classrooms are … Read More

Photo l r michael sherman, mayvis gibus, elizabeth davison, yvette ebb, cathy grassi, ida soderlind, stephanie jepsen. 

Rotary Group Study Exchange

From The Field- By Elizabeth Davison, Executive Director – April 30, 2013 This week the Naples office was honored to participate in Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange, a program that provides cultural and vocational opportunity for young business professionals to be paired with Rotary districts in different countries. When local businessman and Pelican Bay Rotarian Jim Rice (and longtime supporter of Hope for Haiti) asked us to host Mayvis Gibus for a day, we gladly accepted. Mayvis is from Martinique, studied in France and holds a Masters in Business Administration and International Relations.  She is an Economic Affairs and Development … Read More

A healthy and happy kettia! 

Transport Assistance Can Save a Life

Jennifer Lang, Program Director – April 1, 2013 A healthy and happy Kettia! Kettia Jacobs is a thirty-five year old woman who suffers from severe anemia. She came to our primary healthcare facility, the Infirmary Saint Etienne in downtown Les Cayes, from her home in Bergeaud –with trouble breathing. Our Infirmary Director, Dr. Elmide Nazaire, immediately helped the patient, and she realized a blood transfusion was necessary. We referred the patient to an in-patient facility, the public general hospital here in Les Cayes. However, medical resources in rural Haiti are scarce, and all blood donations are dependent on the Red … Read More

Paula prince represents hope for haiti 

Hope for Haiti Recruits Young People on College Campus

Jennifer Lang, Program Director – March 4, 2013 Paula Prince represents Hope for Haiti at the Georgetown Expo. In February 2013, Hope for Haiti had the pleasure of attending the Government and Non-Profit Career Expo in Washington, DC. Hosted by Georgetown University, the Expo is an opportunity for organizations to meet and share information with motivated students and alumni from a consortium of schools including the University of Virginia, the University of Richmond, New York University’s Wasserman Center for Career Development and the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, the College of William & Mary, and Swarthmore College. … Read More

3 years later 

Three Years Later…

Please join us in a moment of silence at 4:53 PM on January 12, 2013 to remember and honor all whose lives were affected by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti three years ago. To learn more about what Hope for Haiti has done in response and where the organization is going, Three_Years_Later__Haiti_s_Road_to_the_Future to read a message from the President & CEO. 2012_Annual_Report to read the 2012 Annual Report.