A big thank you to the over 250 volunteers... 

A BIG Thank You To The Over 250 Volunteers…

…who packed 103,000 “Meals of Hope” in Naples on December 8th.  Over 75,000 meals will be loaded on a container ship for Haiti and the remainder will be used locally in Collier County. We are very grateful for your time this busy holiday season and your efforts ensured that our Emergency Buckets will be stocked and ready for distribution to families in need. Many thanks from the entire Hope for Haiti team! Read The Event News Article Check Out Photos From The Event

A full house for the party! 

Christmas Greeting From Haiti 2012

Let me wish you all the best for this New Year. I was very happy to meet you during 2012, and I have been happy working and collaborating with you as well. I hope 2013 will allow us to collaborate even more, and that it will bring many opportunities for our shared projects. A full house for the party! Christmas Mass at Charpentiers. Dancing performed by a church group. Dancing to traditional Haitian konpa. Distributing Christmas dinner. Families receiving Hope for Haiti Emergency Buckets These are some pictures from Christmas. As I told you, we had a very nice party … Read More

At the airport. 

Hope for Haiti Staff Thanksgiving Trip

By Elizabeth Davison, Executive Director When we first started talking about the possibility of a trip to Haiti for the Naples office staff, we discussed when it might happen.  We all decided that Thanksgiving would be perfect.  Not only would we be able to go when the Naples office would be closed, but as it is not a holiday in Haiti, all the schools would be in session, the Hope for Haiti (HFH) Infirmary would be open and the other partners we wanted to visit would be available.  We also valued the opportunity to give thanks for our many blessings … Read More

Chw plesimond falios leads a community meeting 

AmeriCares Partnership in Action

In partnership with AmeriCares, Hope for Haiti is helping people in rural Haiti recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  This disaster took us all by surprise and required coordination with our long-time partners on the ground.  With cholera an ongoing threat to livelihoods and food insecurity rising, Hope for Haiti turned to partner AmeriCares for immediate help. CHW Plesimond Falios leads a community meeting on ways to treat and prevent cholera. Morency community members read about cholera prevention. For over 24 years, Hope for Haiti has had a special partnership with AmeriCares.  It all began when Hope for Haiti’s … Read More

Young patients who received dental education by hope for haiti volunteer dr. dupervil. 

Hope for Haiti Celebrates World Diabetes Day with Medical Outreach

Jennifer Lang, Program Manager – November 26, 2012 Hope for Haiti’s Infirmary Saint Etienne in Les Cayes, Haiti marked World Diabetes Day by performing medical outreach throughout the month of November. Diabetic care is a growing specialization at the Infirmary thanks in part to support from our partner AmeriCares. The Chronic Care Program, piloted last year, provides patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and asthma with medications, specialized laboratory testing, wound care, and follow-up for over 350 annual consultations. Young patients who received Dental education by Hope for Haiti volunteer Dr. Dupervil. Dr. Larco with FHADIMAC and ISE’s leadership teams. Still, … Read More

Pierre francois, reforestation program manager, and paula prince, sustainable communities program manager, present hope for haiti's programs to conference attendees 

Hope for Haiti Participates in the Yunus Social Business Conference in Haiti!

Elizabeth Warren, Program Assistant, October 15, 2012 So many great things are happening at Hope for Haiti! This weekend, the Hope for Haiti team had the privilege of participating in the Social Business Conference in Haiti! Hosted by our esteemed partner, Yunus Social Business Haiti (Grameen Creative Lab), the conference was in honor of Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and prompted a visit from the Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe. Pierre Francois, Reforestation Program Manager, and Paula Prince, Sustainable Communities Program Manager, present Hope for Haiti’s programs to conference attendees The Hope for Haiti team poses by the table … Read More

Flyers advertising a new session of cooking school 

Hope for Haiti Heats up for a New Round of Cooking School

Arianne Pingledis, Program Assistant, September 25, 2012 Flyers advertising a new session of Cooking School Beginning in October, Hope for Haiti’s Les Cayes Guest House will once again be a busy place on Saturday afternoons as the Cooking School starts a new session.  Overseen entirely by Support Team Manager and Cooking School Director, Carmene Alverbe, the Cooking School began in 2009 as an effort to support the local community. “Many young women and men know how to cook; they just don’t know how to expand that outside of their own kitchens,” Carmene explains.  With support from Hope for Haiti, Carmene … Read More

Chw adme felicia describes the steps in treating a cut before demonstrating on fellow chw belzius pierre obelson's arm. 

Hope for Haiti Community Health Workers Prepare for the New School Year

Elizabeth Warren, Program Assistant – September 20, 2012 It’s back-to-school time in Haiti and Hope for Haiti’s talented Community Health Workers (CHWs) can’t wait to continue educating students in their communities! With the start of the school  year coming up on October 1st, the Hope for Haiti team hosted a Back to School meeting with the CHWs. CHW Adme Felicia describes the steps in treating a cut before demonstrating on fellow CHW Belzius Pierre Obelson’s arm. CHW Jean Rene Rezeau shows how to prepare rehydration solution with sugar, salt, and water. CHW Plesimond Falios describes his cholera intervention to the … Read More

A home in cote de fer is still flooded 4 days after the storm passed. 

Emergency Response to Tropical Storm Isaac

Jennifer Lang, Program Manager and Elizabeth Warren, Program Assistant – September 3, 2012 Last month, Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti with heavy rain and strong winds. Hurricanes are a constant fear during the rainy season, which stretches from May through October. Most communities are unprepared to handle large amounts of rainfall, where flash flooding makes travel impossible. In rural areas, pregnancies and common illnesses can become medical emergencies because healthcare sites are inaccessible. Children cannot attend school for fear of mudslides on their walk. Cholera surges again when households flood and lack the means for proper sanitation. A Home in … Read More

Child plays in the flooded low lying areas in aquin with houses in the distance 

Hope for Haiti Helps Communities Affected by Tropical Storm Isaac

Thank you all for responding so generously to our request for help.  Your immediate response enabled us to act quickly to reach families with aid in the wake of Tropical Storm Isaac. Hope for Haiti is continuing its outreach to those communities most affected. Child plays in the flooded low-lying areas in Aquin with houses in the distance. Hope for Haiti staff members wade through flood waters to bring emergency relief. Many houses were flooded in the low lying areas of Aquin. Program Manager, Jennifer Lang, unloads emergency buckets at Father Gousse’s house. Program Manager, Jennifer Lang, with community members … Read More