Stanley Liste

“5 Years Later!” – This is My Haiti: Stanley Liste, Operations Officer Jennifer Lang, Program Manager Walking with Stanley through a crowd of people in downtown Les Cayes is a humbling promenade of introductions. Like a politician, Hope for Haiti’s Operation Officer bumps fists and greets with “Koman ou ye?” (How are you?) in Haitian Creole to preschoolers and grandparents alike. The fluent speaker of six languages thoughtfully shrugs at the goal of learning Chinese next. His father was a linguist, speaking 12 languages which he picked up as an international boat captain. “I have to speak more languages than … Read More


Carmene Alverbe

“Cooking With Love – This is My Haiti” – Carmene Alverbe Jennifer Lang, Program Manager Carmene Alverbe sits rolling Lebanese Kibi in bread crumbs, chattering away in Creole while running her hands down the red-and-white apron. The kitchen of the Hope for Haiti in-country headquarters is a place of constant activity and warmth, overseen entirely by Carmene. Carmene left Cotes de Fer, a mountainous region of Haiti known for its rolling plains and charcoal production, for the city of Les Cayes—sometimes a five-hour drive due to muddy rains. After meeting current President Tiffany Kuehner, Carmene joined the Hope for Haiti … Read More


Dr. Steeve Victor

Dr. Steeve Victor, Hope for Haiti’s Healthcare Director “Ayiti offri anpil opportunite” – Haiti offers much opportunity, but few possibilities to realize it. When Dr. Steeve Victor speaks of his country, he speaks of the potential it holds – both through its richness of natural resources and the incredible human capital. “Our young people are able and motivated, and Haiti’s place in the world can and will improve.” Dr. Victor’s own story is a testament to natural ability combined with hard work and perseverance. Always the strongest student in his family of six children, Dr. Victor decided to become a … Read More