Hope for Haiti is Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations: Here’s Why.

After careful consideration, Hope for Haiti is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of donation. Over the course of the last year, we have been inspired by what we’ve learned from crypto and blockchain advocates at the Haiti Tech Summit and the Haiti Funders Conference, and we’ve decided to take action. Here’s why:  

First, we’ve seen a large amount of cryptocurrency donations flow into other charities to support their missions, and very well respected organizations are currently accepting crypto donations. These organizations include Charity Navigator, Fidelity Charitable, and the ACLU.  

Second, because cryptocurrency is now an established channel for charitable giving, we are able to use a gift acceptance policy in the same way we manage stock donations and immediately sell cryptocurrency once it’s received. This allows us to receive the financial value intended by the donor at the time of the donation, avoiding volatility in the market.  It also makes it easy to put funds to use immediately to support our mission in Haiti, rather than maintaining them as an investment for the future. We’ve decided to use 100% of all crypto donations we receive to directly support teacher salaries and teacher trainings in rural Haiti. 

Lastly, it’s never been easier to accept cryptocurrency as a donation. Through our new vendor, BitPay, individuals can donate the cryptocurrencies BitCoin (BTC), BitCoin Cash (BCH), or Ethereum. Hope for Haiti will use BitPay to immediately exchange donations into U.S. dollars, and then allocate those funds to directly support our education programs in Haiti. BitPay charges a very low processing fee of 1%, which is much lower than most credit card donation processing fees. 

Cryptocurrency is now just one way donors can give to support Hope for Haiti’s mission. Amid months of protests and unrest in Haiti, and with the 10th Anniversary of the earthquake approaching in January, we are more committed than ever to raise the resources needed to help improve the quality of life for the Haitian children, parents, and grandparents. In September, we launched the Haitian Solidarity Campaign, which was designed to honor and support those impacted by the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Matthew, and the most recent wave of political and civil unrest.

Thanks to the generous support from a broad network of donors, we’re nearly at 30% of our $10 million goal. Those looking to donate cryptocurrency can now support our Haitian Solidarity Campaign by donating HERE, or by supporting our #CryptoGivingTuesday Campaign.