Shining a Light on Haiti: MPOWERD

MPOWERD is a Hope for Haiti partner and the company behind Luci Lights, which are portable solar lights.

Can you tell us about MPOWERD and your mission?
Renewable energy is the future, and we aim to create responsibly crafted, sustainable products, that while addressing a particular need, have a positive impact on the environment. MPOWERD, a certified B Corp, is a purpose driven company solving problems while also building community in the process. We believe that everyone deserves access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy, no matter how or where they live. We also believe that the Earth deserves a little more love too. We partner with 700+ nonprofits and NGOs allowing them to do what they do best and know the individuals and communities they serve, to provide our products as a resource and vehicle for change. To date, in collaboration with every individual and organization that continues to support our work, MPOWERD has positively impacted 3.7+ million lives while averting 2.4+ million tons of CO2 in the process. 

Why did MPOWERD decide to partner with Hope for Haiti? Why is Haiti special to your company?
“Hope for Haiti has been with us for years. They are a natural partner based on their focused mission on children and education. The trust they hold in the community and localized knowledge has been essential to the success of MPOWERD’s deployments.” – John Salzinger, Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

MPOWERD has partnered with Hope for Haiti for several years, nearly since the founding of MPOWERD! Partnering with Hope for Haiti was clear from the beginning based on Hope for Haiti’s mission by providing long-term resources and programming to elevate the entire country. In partnership with Hope for Haiti, Luci lights are used to help develop prosperous communities through Hope for Haiti’s program areas of education, healthcare, infrastructure, access to clean water and economic development. 

How can your Luci Lights help places like Haiti, especially during hurricane seasons?
Luci lights are reliable, portable, long-lasting, waterproof solar lights that also double as emergency phone chargers. As Luci lights recharge directly from the sun, (a resource accessible to nearly anyone!), they’re a long term resource for places like Haiti that can be used for many years on a daily basis or for emergency related needs. 

How do you think the private sector can have a positive impact?
We believe it is everyone’s responsibility, including and especially for-profit companies, to look out for both humans and the planet, in order to build a sustainable future for all. As both a B Corp and Benefit Corporation, we are held to legal standards to ensure that we are delivering on both our mission and impact. Our impact drives everything that we do.

What excites you the most about our partnership? What do you hope to see happen in the longer term?
We are excited to continue expanding our long standing and rewarding partnership with Hope for Haiti in the years to come! As we continue to iterate our product lineup and grow our shared community, we hope to ensure that all communities who live without reliable access to electricity – whether it’s after a natural disaster or based on limited conditions – have long term resources to support the advancement of safety, education, gender equality, sanitation practices and economic empowerment. 

Is there anything else MPOWERD would like to share with our audience?
We firmly believe that everyone has the ability to positively influence the trajectory of humankind, especially as it relates to climate change and elevating marginalized communities. We encourage individuals to use their voice and resources for good as well as support businesses and organizations that are focused on serving both people and the planet.

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